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Company Profile
Company Profile
Company Profile

Innopac Holdings Limited is a public limited liability company and its shares are listed and trading on the main board of...

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The principal activities of the Company are those of investment, investment holding and provision of management services to related companies. This includes investments, investment properties and equities...

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Our Share Capital, Circular & Articles, Stock Price, Annual Reports and other related information...

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25th Jun 2018 General Announcement::Quarterly Update Pursuant To Rule 1313(2) of The Listing Manual
23rd Jun 2018 General Announcement::Appointment of Lead Independet Director and Change of Audit Committee Chairman
14th Jun 2018 Financial Statements and Related Announcement::First Quarter Results
6th Jun 2018 General Announcement::Receipt of Letter of Demand
1st Jun 2018 General Announcement::Grant of Extension of Time for Interim Audit
30th May 2018 General Announcement::Proposed Placement of up to 5,000,000,000 New Ordinary Shares
28th May 2018 General Announcement::Appointment of Professional Firm
21st May 2018 General Announcement - Grant of Extension of Time to comply with SGX REGCO S Notice of Compliance
17th May 2018 General Announcement - Grant of Extension of Time to announce the Financial Statement for the Fifth Quarter Financial ended 31 Mar 2018
11th May 2018 General Announcement - Application to the SGX for an Extension of Time to Announce the Unaudited Financial Results
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