Archive 2002

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16th Jan 2002 Termination of proposed Acquisition of Healthone Pte Ltd
21st Jan 2002 Proposed Capital Reduction and Adoption of New Articles
24th Jan 2002 Share Sale and Purchase Agreement between Shakey's Holding Pte Ltd and Lighten Point Investment Limited
25th Jan 2002 Clarification of 24th January 2002 Announcement
31st Jan 2002 Proposed Capital Reduction
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25th Feb 2002 Termination of Agreement to acquire additional 50% interest in Sawyer Falls Co., LLC
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6th Mar 2002 Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting
28th Mar 2002 Proforma Full Year Financial Statement Announcement
28th Mar 2002 Announcement on Results of Extraordinary General Meeting
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1st Apr 2002 Additional Information on Profroma Full Year Financial Statement
17th Apr 2002 Capital Reduction confirmed by High Court of Singapore
29th Apr 2002 Effective Date of Capital Reduction
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2nd May 2002 Business Times Report of 1st May 2002
10th May 2002 Proposed Placement-entered conditional Placement Agreement with Placement Agent
15th May 2002 Auditor's Report to members of Inno-Pacific Holdings Ltd
21st May 2002 Proposed Placement -SGX-ST approval in-principle
29th May 2002 Notice of Annual General Meeting
30th May 2002 Proposed Placement - close of placement
31st May 2002 New subsidiary company
31st May 2002 Clarification on Sawyer Fall Co. LLC and discrepancies between the Group's audited and unaudited figures
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4th Jun 2002 Listing of 34,850,000 Placement Shares
12th Jun 2002 Shakey's, Inc litigation Update
14th Jun 2002 Results of 28th Annual General Meeting
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25th Jul 2002 Resignation of director - Lim Teck Hui
26th Jul 2002 Disposal of Subsidiary
29th Jul 2002 Appointment of director - Lim Kok Hui
29th Jul 2002 Appointment of director - Tay Yong Hua
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23rd Aug 2002 Appointment of Audit, Nomination & Remuneration Committees
23rd Aug 2002 Announcement in respect of a director - Dato' Moehamad Izat
28th Aug 2002 MD&A for 6 months ended 30th June 2002
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2nd Sep 2002 Clarification on proforma Half Year Results
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31st Oct 2002 Koh Kay Yew Garnishee Orders
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8th Nov 2002 Clarification on Koh Kay Yew Summary Judgment
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16th Dec 2002 Announcement on Vacant Land Sale & Purchase agreement by an associate company
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